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You can use your dotAccount to sign in to this website, so you can manage and keep track of your short URLs more easily.

You can also use this account on other websites of the TNY network.

Why should I have an account?

Having an account lets you keep track of your short links more easily. You no longer need to save the passcodes for your links because the passcodes are kept associated with your account. When you're signed in and you shorten a link, it automatically gets added to your account along with its passcode.

Is it necessary to have an account?

No. You can still use all features without signing in, like it has always been.

What happens to the links I created while signed out?

You can add them to your account as long as you have their passcode. The same link can be added to multiple accounts and everyone with its passcode will still be able to manage it without signing in.

Click here to begin creating an account. It's easy and free.