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Shorten quickly any page URL, from any page!

To ease the shortening of URLs with this service, we developed some bookmarklets for (if you don't know what "bookmarklets" are, an explanation is further down in this page). They all help you shorten links in a more practical way, but behave in different ways. The available bookmarklets:

  • Simple - Will shorten the URL of the page you're browsing and browse away to the usual page you see after shortening a link from the homepage.
    Bookmarklet: Shorten
  • New tab - The same as the above, except that it opens the page in a new tab/window so that it keeps the original page open.
    Bookmarklet: Shorten (new tab)

After one is dragged to the bookmarks list, you'll only need to click it to shorten the URL of the page your browser is at.

What are bookmarklets?

Bookmarklets are special links that contain a little bit of JavaScript code. These links are to be added to your favorites (or dragged to a favorites/bookmarks bar or folder), and when you click these favorites from the list, they will execute that bit of JavaScript on the page you're visiting.

Bookmarklets can do lots of things, like opening a popup inline with the current page, displaying a message box, or open a new browser window/tab with a specific URL. bookmarklets can shorten a new link on the website by navigating away from the link you want to shorten and going to this website, or by opening a new tab with this website leaving the original tab intact.