lite is an interface for shortening links that is designed to be as lightweight and simple as possible.
It is thought to be correctly displayed and fully-functional on old mobile browsers, text-only browsers and embedded devices.

The lite pages are also as small as possible to minimize the amount of traffic between you and the server, which is important when you're paying per KB or MB. It may be the case if you're accessing this pages through your mobile phone.

These pages are also as HTML-based as possible to ensure compatibility with very old or very simple web browsers. There is no Flash, JavaScript, CSS or fancy (and recent) HTML features.

About itself

In case you didn't know, is an URL shortener that lets you create short aliases for long links. You can know more at the About page on the standard version. offers detailed statistics for each short link and the possibility to edit short links, however, these features are only available in the standard version which is not designed to be simplistic.

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