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Still in beta stage but well tested, should accept all simple JPEG images no matter what the file size (as long as it fits in the storage memory) or image dimensions (as long as the width/height fit in the limits of a 32-bit integer).
Progressive JPEG and other more complex types of JPEG are not supported.

Uses the TJpgDec library for decoding JPEG:

When viewing an image, use the "replay" D-pad for navigating in the image 64 pixels on the selected direction; use the 2,4,6 and 8 keys as a D-pad for navigating a whole screen down, left, right or up (think of the effect of Page Down and Page Up on a computer). Keys 1, 3, 7 and 9 can be used to navigate diagonally in a similar fashion.

Also has an eActivity strip. Just note that the picture files are not included in the eActivity itself, as it happens with g3p pictures; the strip acts more like a link. So, if you move or delete pictures in the storage memory, the links will break. Same goes if you copy the file to another calculator without keeping the absolute paths for the images.

Download beta 3 at:
Please give feedback.