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If you think that any of the short URLs provided by this service is abusive (either in the keyword of the shorten URL or on the content of the page the long URL points to), links to malicious websites or is otherwise inappropriate, we ask that you report it by sending a short email to the address below:

abuse [at]

We will try to reply as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Despite our efforts to block and delete unallowed short URLs, some may go through our filters and escape human supervision. We merely act as a linker, having no control over the destination of the short links, especially after they are created. Due to the nature of the Internet technologies, the nature of the destination of a link may change at any time without our noticing. Because of this, any complaints, reports and legal actions regarding malware, phishing or copyright infringement should be first directed to the creator of the destination content, then to the hoster of such content and only to as a last step.