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Rules for the service

Keeping it simple: shortening URLs that directly point to any of the following matters is not allowed.

  • Adult, racist or homophobic content;
  • Pages or files that propagate spam or malware;
  • Phishing websites;
  • Software that's in violation of its end-user license agreement, when one exists;
    (includes most nulled/cracked software)
  • Pages or files that are pirated content or exist with the sole purpose of sharing such content;
  • Pages or files that endorse activities illegal in the USA.

Links pointing to pages or files that match any of these criteria are likely to be removed from the database, blocked, redirectioned, or otherwise disabled, without previous notice.

For email address shortening and Bitcoin address shortening, any Bitcoin or email address is allowed due to the nature of such content types.

Clicking short links, viewing their statistics and their preview, as well as accessing Bitcoin address information pages has no set rules, due to the open-access nature of these; however, you must not abuse these functions by performing Denial-of-Service and similar attacks on them, or by reverse-engineering them for malicious purposes. has the right to block users who repeatedly break the rules, from shortening URLs, while at the same time removing or disabling short URLs created by them.

General terms of service

Any actions with the intent of limiting other users' access to the services, dumping database data or breaking the web service in some way, including, but not limited to willful Denial-of-Service attacks and software exploits, will result in a permanent ban from using any service operated by Segvault and/or part of the TNY network, and a possible report to the competent authorities.

The user consents to having its short URLs deleted or otherwise modified without previous notice when a violation of the rules, explained above, is detected.

Shortening content with or editing short links created by this service, indicates that the user has agreed to the service rules on this page, as per their most recent version. Merely clicking on links, viewing their previews or statistics does not constitute an agreement to these terms. Shall the user have any doubt about these terms, Segvault must be contacted for further explanations, before the user performs any action that could signal an agreement to the terms.

Reporting violations

If you find an URL or another situation that breaks the rules/terms of service, please report it as per the instructions on this page.