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Shorten A URL, email, Bitcoin or Litecoin address

A URL, text snippet, email, Bitcoin or Litecoin address

Due to large amounts of malicious short URLs being created, short URL creation is currently limited to authenticated users.

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What is is a shortener for not just URLs, but also images, email addresses, plain text (e.g. source code), link lists and more. This is probably the most full-featured shortener around.

See below a quick overview of all the features, which extend well beyond throwing out short URLs for your long ones.

Other stuff

Before using this service, make sure to read the rules.

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Statistics for this service




To view detailed click statistics for any short URL, just add the plus sign + after it, like this:

Short link editing

You can edit your links in their statistics page. If, when creating a short link, you are logged out, you'll need to save the passcode, because it is the only thing that gives edit rights.

Link preview

Afraid of clicking on a short link without knowing where it goes? You can safely preview a short link by adding ~ or = to the end of the URL, for instance:


Shorten and share any page at the click of a bookmark, without installing extensions or apps. Read more about bookmarklets.

Public API has a public API that allows developers to integrate this service with their websites and applications. Know more.

Sharing toolbar

Make your short links easy to share by displaying a toolbar on them. Insert t/ on the short URL, like this:

Shorten on-the-go

We have an app for Firefox OS, and apps for more platforms are coming soon. Additionally, this website is designed to be easy to use with any smartphone or tablet.

Lists of links

It's easy to save and share lists of interesting links, with the list of links feature. You can even make each link in the list a short link, for enhanced statistics!

Customizable links

Custom keywords, titles, limits on clicks and availability, you name it: make your short links as you like and change their settings at any time. If there's something can't do, contact us and we'll implement it for you.

Shorten URLs and more

Make URLs, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin addresses, email addresses, images, and plain text much smaller and accessible with a nice URL.

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